Our Mission Review and Re-Approval

History: Our mission was created and endorsed at a time when there was strong support of the Fellows at SCIP, and therefore refers to recognition by SCIP as defining the Fellows role. Fellows activities, programs, articles, presentations, workshops, etc.  supported the profession primarily through the vehicle of the organization. That support has eroded recently, and several significant events occurred in the past year 1) In October, 2014, the first full independent meeting of the Fellows was held, and resulted in changing the name of the organization from “The SCIP Fellows” to the “CI Fellows”. At the same meeting, the CI Fellows agreed to offer their support to any and all organizations with an interest in the production or consumption of competitive intelligence.  2) In November, 2014, The Chair of the Fellows was advised by the SCIP Chair that the Fellows award was being retired. The Fellows Chair asked for clarification and was advised that “The existing awards programs did not resonate with the majority of SCIP members, nor did they recognize the qualities or behaviors we were seeking among the membership.”  The Chair reviewed this feedback with a group of Fellows and prepared a respectful response to the SCIP Board indicating disagreement with this perspective.  We indicated we would continue to actively support building the growing importance and recognition of the intelligence profession, with a number of professional partner groups one of which was SCIP.

In light of these events, the following revisions to the Mission statement of the CI Fellows was offered by Chair Cliff Kalb:
The CI Fellows is a group of professionals who have been recognized their peers for leadership in the discipline of competitive intelligence, and who are steadfast in their support and advancement of the discipline. To this end the mission of the CI Fellows is to sustain and foster the discipline of CI in two fundamental ways:
•    In Service to the CI Profession, the Fellows serve as Ambassador-Champions, and lead in representing the value proposition of CI to Executives and leaders in a range of organizations within public, private and not-for-profit enterprises, and
•    In Service to the CI Professional, the Fellows serve as Mentor-Educators, and provide thought leadership to the CI community.